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In this page I introduce my favourite DIY project tutorials in English, since I want as many people as possible to enjoy these ideas and make their own creations. I'll add new hacks and DIY every now and then.

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DIY projects and hacks you'll find here right now:
* Fast and easy ribbon ruffle lampshades
* Cool cold serving platform with multifunction
* Christopher LaBrooy's Marble inspired lampshade
* From Comforter to Throw Fullfilling my Dreams
* Petal Lampshade



What you need:
- Lampshade
- Satin ribbon (double sided, for example 75mm wide ribbon appr. 15metres)
- hot glue gun
- hot glue (reserve more than 12 stick so you won’t run out in the middle of project)
It takes about 1 hour to make one lampshade.

The first edition, “try out”, I did to my living room in purple and used 20 meters of 38mm wide satin ribbon. It was surprising how easy and fast it was!

1. Add hot glue on to the lampshade a very small area at a time.
2. Start ruffeling the ribbon to the glue.
3. While glueing and ruffeling, make “whirly” pattern.

4. Continue coverin the lampshade totally. The situation on the lower picture is a result of 30 minutes work. 

- The more you make whirls, the more “cream cake”-effect you get.
- Also the density of your ruffles affects the look too.
- Also the ribbon you use, will affect the look: The wider the ribbon, the more 3D & airy look you get.
- The wider the ribbon, the less you need.
- To get more subtle look, use straighter lines (not so whirly) while glueing and ruffle only a little. (Like in fuchsia lampshade)

Check out for more pictures /
White lampshades
Violet lampshade ready 
Fuchsia Lampshade



I wanted to have a cold serving platform in order to keep foods cold during ”buffet” with my family. While walking trough Ikea, I saw just what I needed: Spontan magnetic board and a hack!

This is what you need:
- Spontan magnetic board
- cooler packs (the more the colder, I used 6 thick pieces)
- felt pads (leg protectors)

Apply felt pad sticker to each corner. Just to protect the tabletop (and in the future use, the wall).

Place and arrange frozen cooler packs evenly on to the table, approximately in a bit smaller area than you Spontan magnetic board.

- Place the magnetic board on to the coolers. Check that the coolers stayed within the edges.
- Place food items to the platform in serving plates or bowls.
- As addition, you can place “menu-cards” on to the edge of the board with magnets, to explain, for example, the content of the food served.
- After usage, hang back to wall to serve as magnetic board.

Why use Ikea Spontan magnetic board instead of some random piece of metal? Spontan has finished look and ready made clean cut edges, which keeps the coolers in right place (under the board) so the  platform don’t wobble. The edges also hide the coolers. And as addition, you can use this in it’s original purpose, as magnetic board. Multifunction also save storage space.

More pictures, click here!


Christopher LaBrooy's Marble inspired lampshade

I went totally bananas when I saw the first time Christopher LaBrooy's Marble lampshade (check picture here). Of course I wanted the lamp, but the price was quite high. So I thought, why not make one by myself. 

First I thought of doing this from felt, like the original. But then I wanted to cut some corners and I wanted to skip the cutting of felt strips. So I ended up to do this from satin ribbons.

What you need:
- scissors
- needle and yarn/thread ( or sewing machine, makes it lot faster and easier)
- ribbon (I used about 90 metres of 10mm wide)
- pins
- lampshade or lampshade wire frame
- lots of patience and time ( I used 7 evenings)

Start by doing layered loops. Start with small "8-figure" and then add the size of the loops. Use the ribbon for one sections as a continues length, do not cut. You can do different sizes of sections. I did 3 different sizes, the smallest on the pic. Sew together from the middle.

The different sections, with different sizes. The lampshade frame I bought from flea market and just spray painted it.

Then I just started to assebly the sections together over the lampshade frame. Attaching them with pins, a little by little. Then sewing, a bit by bit.

You can leave the "hem" uneven.

To finish, I steamed the lampshade to "sculture" the loops to stay in their shape.

More picture work-in-progress
More pictures lampshade ready


From Comforter to Throw Fullfilling my Dreams

I’m an blanket/throw addict! I always have a blanket on me in the sofa. The problem has been to find blanket a) big enough, so I can for real fit underneath totally, b) warm enough, not something just for decoration, and c) machine washable in order to serve also my dogs and their’s owner mess.

To make my wishes even more complicated, I wanted to have a white blanket!

I browsed to Ikea webpage and saw that their comforter selection can be washed in 60C (140F). Great! I choose for my blanket Ikea Mysa, since the outer fabric was a bit whiter than in other option and also the lyocell in the material makes it more luxurious, softer and smoother.

What you need: Ikea 365+ Mysa comforter, fabric of your choice, sewing machine

Coverting comforter to a dream blanket:
1. Cut out the blue trim, if you use light colored fabric (it will otherwise been seen through).
2. Sew new trims/wide border from double layered fabric. Use the fabric in color and material of your choice. I used as similar color as the comforter.
3.And my dream blanket is ready & waiting my relaxation session on the sofa!

More pictures warm white blanket


Here is a fast and easy DIY-lampshade. This project suits very well also to beginners.

What you need:
- lampshade (for example, Ikea Jära diameter 34cm)
- craft petals (I needed for my lampshade 300-400 pieces)
- hot glue and hot glue gun
- scissors

1. Cut the top of the petals. I makes the crafting easier (the petals will be more flat).

2. Add hot glue and attach petals only from top of the petal. You don't need to glue the whole petal. Remember, the thicker you place the petals, the more voluminous lampshade will be.

3.  Keep on going. Place the next layer. Hide the upper part of the petal (in row before) by placing the next layer a bit on top of the another.  

4. If you wish, you can use trim at the top of the shade. I just placed the edges of the petals lined with the top of the lampshade.

More pictures petal lampshade 


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